Sunday, July 29, 2007

She's crawling!

Olivia finally did it! She is crawling. A few days ago, she was just trying, scooting around on the knees a bit. Now, she is mobile.

Whenever we put her down and leave the room, she doesn't cry anymore, she just followed....LOL

I read in the latest issue of Babytalk that babies nowadays are bypassing certain milestones, crawling is one of them. The Back to Sleep campaign has reduced Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) but studies have shown that babies are achieving milestones later or bypassing them altogether, due to weaker upper body.

Some experts are of the opinion that when babies skip crawling, they miss out on more opportunities to develop their upper body muscle.

In Malaysia, as long as I can remember, babies are put to sleep on their backs. I have never heard of babies being put to sleep on their tummies. We hardly hear of any issues from putting babies to sleep on their backs.

Here, however, there are studies about everything. I just wonder if we are looking too much into an issue and conclude that babies are not crawling because they sleep on their backs. Doesn't sound logical but I'm no expert.

Speaking of which, I better put up those gates. :-)


kayatan said...

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Bee said...

My mother put my nephew to sleep on tummies. But most of my other nephews and nieces sleep on the back and they all crawled normally. There are so much practices that are not common in one country but are common in other countries. I made me realize that they are always different ways in doing one thing.

Hooi Imm said...

Jamy, thanks for adding me to your network.

Puteri said...

Hmmm, Duncan crawled and his upper body is indeed stronger than Denice's. Denice scooted around on her butt and never learnt to crawl. She is bigger in size but not as agile.

P.S. Just discovered your blog thru Jamy's! Link my blog to yours please!

Carin said...

Awww....that is SO cute! Jayden started crawling ON Christmas Day. That was the best present ever. He did what I called the "military crawl". No legs, just arms! LOL!!!
Puteri, I will link you on my blog as well.

Ann said...

Since I am expecting my first one soon...believe me I read up alot on this issue.

Sleeping on the back was alright except for one problem - flat heads that refuse to pop back out. Remedy required - have to turn the baby's head left and right very often.

Sleeping on tummies are still the best but not everyone knows how to position the babies head and also it requires the confinement lady/nanny/mummy to watch them often!

Anyway.....added you on my blog as well. Nice reading your blog entries!

Lynette said...

How sweet! Watch out, mobile babies have their own challenges. ;) this is not only her milestone but yours too as you now enter a new stage in parenting. Ah! Parenting what a roller coaster journey. Never quite know what's at the next turn.