Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The four seasons

For someone who grew up in a tropical country where the average temperature is 80-90F all year round with almost 100% humidity, going through the four seasons is quite an experience.

The season that I dislike most is winter, because it is COLD and winter in the Northeast can be harsh. However, when it snows, I love it. Somehow, the world is peaceful and quiet when it snows.

This was taken a few years ago at Central Park.

My favorite seasons are spring and fall. Spring is a welcoming change after the cold hard winter. Flowers are blooming and birds are singing. Everything comes to life.

Source: Spring

I love the colorful foliage in the fall. The red, orange and yellow leaves – such vibrant colors. The cooler weather is also nice after a few months of tropical like weather.

Taken at Bear Mountain, upstate New York.

I also like summer even though summer in New York can sometimes be very hot and humid. I don’t mind it as my heat tolerance is pretty high. When I first move here, I used to laugh when it is considered a heat wave once the temperature hits 85F.

This is Orient Beach at St. Martin in the Caribbean.

What is your favorite season?


Ann said...

You know my comapny ALWAYS sends me to NY only in the winter - mainly coz the year end is tha only time they know they have the extra money to spend !

But when I was in Australia studying, I would say my best season is AUTUMN. Less rain, warmth and cool collide. Melancholic season to suit my creative moods!

Cat Cat said...

My favourite is fall... Love the changing color on the leaves....

The New Parent said...

Hi H--like you, I love spring and fall. Spring is amazing when the flowers burst open--so much wonderful color!

Fall, is lovely but in a different way. Yes, there are the colors of fall, but fall has that refreshing feeling after a hot summer.

Bee Ean said...

My favorite session is spring, I like fall as well but sometimes it could rain the whole day and windy. Not very nice if still have to go out.