Friday, November 30, 2007

To smack or not to smack

The New Parent has tagged me on a very important yet controversial issue: Do I smack my child?

Well, since Olivia is still very young, I haven’t had to resort to using spanking to discipline her. I was spanked as a child when I misbehaved and personally I do not see any harm in that, since I didn’t grow up to be a demented twisted serial killer nor did it leave any negative emotional scar on me.

That being said, I will not smack my child when I have to discipline her in the future. It also depends on the personality of the individual child. Some children just do not respond to reasoning. I had a disagreement once with my sister-in-law where I commented that there is no harm in disciplining a child with hitting. She said that hitting would teach the child to hit.

I have not read what the so call ‘experts’ say about what hitting would do to your child, because they are also the ones who thinks that you should not say negative things ever to your child, every kid is a winner etc. Yeah, right….and how is this going to teach our children to deal with rejection and negativity when they grow up.

So, I will spare the rod in favor of the reasoning approach to teach my child what’s right and what’s wrong. If the child does not respond to repeated request to stop the behavior, then perhaps a smack on the hand or butt might get the message across. The smack should be followed by explaining why she is being hit.

How about you? Do you hit, cane, smack, spank your child?


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