Monday, January 7, 2008

Asian hair

When I first moved to the US, I would wait until my yearly trip back to Penang to get my hair cut. Can you imagine that?? This is because of the stereotype that Westerners do not know how to cut Asian hair, which is not entirely untrue. Asian hair has a different texture than Western hair and certain hair style that looks great on Western hair just does not work on Asian hair.

After 2 years, I finally got the courage to try a hair salon where we used to live and thankfully, the hairdresser, who is from South America, did a good job on my hair. I went to him for nearly 4 years, then we moved to the suburbs.

Every time I need a hair cut, I would drive 45 minutes to go to my old hairdresser, just because I do not know which salon to go to, in my new neighborhood. *silly* So I decided that it's time to cut the cord and find a hairdresser here where I live.

My hair is getting so long and shapeless that I begin to look like cousin IT. The fringe of my hair looked like this!

This past Sunday, I went to a hair salon at a shopping center 5 minutes from home and came out looking like this.

Source:Bob Hairstyle

Well, at least the hair style looked like that......hehe.


Pr3tty* Knitty~ said...

Hooi Imm, I just laughed when I read this post because I am in the same shoes. I never cut my hair in the state and only cut it when I visit back to Malaysia. But my hair is way too long now and I really need a hair cut!!! I think its easy to find a taiwanese hair dresser around here. I will let you know after I try one! By the way, the hairstyle you have now is nice!!!

Cat Cat said...

Hooi Imm,
Buat suspen aje... Thought the last picture was you... Took a second look, ALAMAK... Jennifer Aniston pulak... Anyway, I like the hairstyle you have right now... Mesti lawa... Did you get the highlights done too..???

Ann said...

Heh....looks like we are all the same. We always go back to the same hairdresser.

I mean she IS the ONLY ONE who does a good job and knows the contour of my head and all my stubborn little curls, you know! (Right!!!)

Frankensteina said...

Wow that's a really nice hair style :) I got myself a haircut too a coupl eof months back. Just couldn't take the long hair anymore so after my wedding chop! chop! I have almost the same hair style too ;)

beachlover said...

hooi imm:
wow!.. that hairstyle is cool and popular now...David Beckhem wife...what the name?Victoria...eeerr..from Spice Girl also have that style ,then Katie Holmes,Tom Cruise wife have that Jenn have that style and you too....ahemmm...your hairstyle must like this Hollywood superstar!!..I always go to Queens to find Msian hairstylish to cut my hair..the price is reasonable and they understand our hair texture too..if you wanna Msian hairstylish in Flushing or Elmhurst let me know..infact I just ask hubby to dye my hairs lazy to drive in cold..

Hooi Imm said...

Kitman - it is funny right. I'm sure your hair dresser will do a good job.

Cat - no la...I don't like to highlight or perm my hair....hehe

Ann - because we are always afraid somebody else will mess up our hair.

Frankensteina - thanks. Bob style is a popular style.

beachlover - my first hair cut here was with a M'sian hairstylist. Alamak! He butchered my hair. I have not gone to an Asian hairstylist since then.

Puteri said...

Haha, I was like that too before! But there is a Chinese Vietnamese hair salon here, and they do a pretty good job.

Our Asian heads are shaped differently (flat at the back) than the westerners', so of course certain styles won't look good on us!

Sue said...

The hairstyle looks Jennifer Aniston one ka?

Wuching said...

I used to have the same problem of finding the right hairdresser here until I started wearing short short hair like I do now, this way no hairdresser can get it wrong!