Friday, January 4, 2008


It was so cccccoooold yesterday. The highest temperature was 25F, that was -3C! When you go outside, the cold stings your skin. It's like walking in a big freezer.

So far, it is the coldest day this winter and winter just started. We have 3 more months to go! Please give me strength to get through this winter. I hate the cold and after living in the tropical weather for 30 years, I'll take warm weather any time.


Hello all, You can call me Ann. said...

Oh...poor you!

Pray for no blizzards or snow storm either this year!

Take care - health wise and moving around!

Cat Cat said...

Grrrrrr, it's freezing cold here in Richmond too... I too prefer warmer weather. Keep warm Hooi Imm. Bundle up.