Friday, January 4, 2008

Do they pee?

Each year, on New Year’s Eve, an average of 750,000 revelers gathers at New York’s Time Square to watch the ball drop. Countdown at Times Square is a big event.

Source: Countdown Entertainment LLC

People start taking their spot as early as 4pm and remain there till midnight. You can’t leave the spot, else you will lose it. I have always wondered how they managed the 8 hours in the freaking cold.

I mean you can bring food and water but what if you have to pee? Hold it in? You have to pee at least once in those 8 hours, right…..hhhmmm…..


Bee Ean said...

Yeah. We were there once and at midnight we were in the subway. It was just too many people we couldn't locate a seat for ourselves. I once went to a big concert and I saw a girl peed on the spot, in front of the crowd. I wonder whether the Americans do the same? hehe

U.Lee said...

Hi Hooi Imm, how you doin'?
Re how they hold back? I guess there must be a lot of those 'porto-toilets' located at strategic locations, behind the buildings, side roads.
But frankly, pay me to go, I will not. Never like these crowded places. Rather watch on TV, have my coffee and relax, ha ha.
My wife not keen too, BUT, if there's a shoe sale?
That she'll go!
You have a nice day, Hooi Imm. If free drop in for coffee. Best regards, UL.

Ann said...

Hahaha.....oh gosh...imagine that!

Thank God it would still be rather cold so the stench wouldnt be that bad if they HAVE to go where they are standing!

Happy New Year!

beachlover said...

Hooi Imm:
Can you believe that I been in NY for almost 14 freaking years and I never go to Times Square on the eve to celebrate??.That same apply to Thanksgiving parade..Aiyo..too cold...I hate cold..if they give out freebie,I also refused to go!! hahaha!!

Frankensteina said...

Perhaps they pee in the water bottles that they brought along with them hehehe.

N'way Happy (Belated) New Year to you and may 2008 be a better year for you.

Hooi Imm said...

bee ean - I don't want to find out how they pee....hehe

uncle lee - if they go to the porta toilets, they will lose their spot. So why go in the first place.

ann - Happy New Year to you too!

beachlover - I didn't know you have been in the US for 14 years. I'm like you, I have never been to Times Square for the countdown or the Thanksgiving parade. Too cold. Rather watch on TV. But I told hubby, when Olivia is older, have to take her at least once to the parade.

frankensteina - men can pee in the bottle, how about women? hehe...Happy New Year to you too!