Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hotel reservation

Before we had the baby, we used to go for vacation every year outside of the US. Since having the baby, we stopped going.

I have always wanted to visit Italy and this year, I think we will be going there. The places I would like to visit in Italy is Rome, Venice and Milan.

I have to really plan for this trip and look for hotels online with discounted price and came across this site for hotels in Italy.

In Rome, I would like to visit the Colosseum and the Vatican. For Rome hotels, I'm going to look into staying in a quaint neighborhood.

I have always wanted to go a gondola ride and now I would get a chance in Venice. For hotels in Venice, I think I want to stay near St. Mark's Basilica, another attraction that I would like to go.

It would be interesting to go to Milan, one of the fashion capital of the world. Milan hotels are abundant and cheap.