Thursday, January 17, 2008

Miss Independence

I believe I have a little Miss Independence on my hands. About 2 weeks ago, Olivia wouldn’t eat her lunch or dinner unless I give her a spoon so that she can feed herself.

She is actually pretty good at it as she manages to dip the spoon into the bowl and put the food in her mouth. Check out the photos below. *Her eyes were closed due to the camera flash.*

Apart from feeding herself, Olivia would also try to dress herself. Well, sometimes she put her leg in one of the shirt sleeves….LOL.


Here, she was so proud of herself after succeeding in putting one leg through the pants.



beachlover said...

wow!! She is really advance for her age:)oh!! you also talk Mandarin with her??..Good for Olivia!!..Mishu told her daddy to prepare her bath in Mandarin but her daddy said back to her"OK"...then walk away..I told hubby Mishu wanna take bath and you said OK..but didn't prepare her bath to her..He said he dunno what she is telling him...All the time he will said "OK" to her but don't understand!!.alamak!

Puteri said...

Haha, this is too cute! Girls have better co-ordination than boys at that age! When Duncan dresses himself, his underwear will be senget, the waistband on his waist will be folded in. He just hentam and then he is ready to go out and play!

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Wuching said...

soon she'll want to move out on her own!

Pr3tty* Knitty~ said...

so soo adorable!!! cubit cubit her cheek! hehe!

Ann said...

It's good no? That she is trying to do things herself!

But (sigh) we always want them to be young and dependent on us sometimes too!

They grow up too fast! Time for #2??!!

HI said...

Lesley - yes, I only speak Mandarin to her, hoping that she will be bilingual when she grows up.

Puteri - thanks. I will e-mail you.

Wuching - she is not allowed to move out. ;-p

Kitman - maybe we could visit you so that you can cubit her cheek in person..hehe.

Ann - yeah it's good but I still want to baby her...