Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Water bottle from 2004

"What's so special about this water bottle" you asked. Well, there is nothing special about it but why do I still have this bottle?

Hubby and I went to Paris and the Loire Valley for a vacation in Oct 2004. Visiting Paris was my dream vacation ever since I took up French language lessons in Malaysia. After spending 5 days in Paris and 3 days in the Loire Valley, it's finally time to go home.

On the way to the airport, we stopped at a rest stop and I got myself a bottle of water. After we got home, I just kept reusing the bottle, filing it with boiled water. *yup, I boiled my drinking water, a habit from Malaysia*

Besides, I like the square shape of the bottle. Anyway, the other night, hubby asked, "You still have this bottle?" I was like "OMG, this bottle is from 2004!!"

I just read a report the other day saying do not reuse the plastic water bottles because multiple use could breakdown the chemical used to make the bottles and leached it into the water.....I guess I just shortened my life span.

The bottle is in the garbage.


Ann said...

that is one well used bottle!!

Admit I am also one of those that reuse plastic bottles. Reckon it is a chinese or a msian thing?

Shireen Loh said...

hehe...ol' habits die hard...:-)

Dropped by from Puteri's blog :=D

Cat Cat said...

Aisey, shouldn't have trashed the bottle... Should keep it for remembrance... Pass it on to Olivia, sure she will appreciate it...

beachlover said...

Hooi Imm,yes I also read a report said that don't use plastic container to reheat food or drink in microwave to prevent cancer.I always 'taipau" my left over food in plastic container and want the close lid to cover when reheat if not the whole microwave look like war zone..That also apply to film..too bad..

Wuching said...

you could keep it in the display cabinet!

Rita Ho said...

Don't worry, Hooi Imm, your life span is intact as the report is false as verified by Snopes.com

It really irritates me that people simply create reports just for the fun of it and because they can. Snopes.com is a very reliable source for authenticating claims especially health ones that understandably gather the most SPAM victims.

I am sorry you lost a nice souvenir.

Hooi Imm said...

ann - maybe it's a tightwad thing...hehe.

shireen - thanks for dropping by.

cat - never mind la...it's just an old bottle.

beachlover - if the plastic container indicates it's microwave safe, then it is safe to use in the microwave.

wuching - display an old bottle??

rita - that's a great website. Thanks.