Monday, January 14, 2008

Woo Hoo...I have a page rank!

After reading Beachlover's post about how she discovered her page rank has gone up and thus, getting a lot of opportunities to write more paid post, I decided to check into mine.

I had just logged into PayPerPost last night and there was no post for me to write....zilch, zero, nada.....

So, just an hour ago, I checked again and oh my page rank is 2!! I have 2 pages of opportunity to write, more than I could imagine.

I would like to thank Puteri for suggesting that I get my own domain, since I write paid post, and it could potentially increase my page rank and it did!


Wuching said...

sheesh! I'm so jeles..ever since Google punished me & took all my pageranking away my pageranking is still zero!

Ann said...

Is that so??? I wonder why !

Cat Cat said...

Congrats Hooi Imm... I have just got back my pagerank too - from Zero to PR2. Yeah, thanks to Puteri's advice to get our own domain.. She's so good with computer.

I too have plenty of PPP to write... So busy oooo... :)

Happy Making Money!!!

beachlover said...

congratulation Hooi Imm!!.Yes,we have so much opportunity now,so we can be choosy now!!lol!!..That mean we also busy,spend more time at the computer!! hahaha!!..Maybe you should create another blog,how about your cooking or baking??..I wish mine Kitchen blog is 90 days now,so I don't have to sakit my head to write others thing..Happy Blogging!!

Thrifty Roost said...

how often have you been writing? I want to make my own domain too, but I think I am not writing enough yet.

Hooi Imm said...

wuching - Sorry. They didn't give your PR back? A friend of mine got hers back.

ann - I think Google revises websites PR periodically.

cat - ya lor...first time I got PR.

Lesley - so happy. Hope you make lots of money.

thrifty roost - thanks for stopping by. I just starting blogging Jul 07 and usually updates my blog 2-3 times a week.

Buying a domain is easy. Just go to

Puteri said...

Woohoo! A PR2!!

Did you notice all the recent $10 opps excluded blogspot? Imagine how much we would have missed out if we had not bought our own domain name!