Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Winter activities #1

The Winter season is especially challenging if you have an active toddler. In the warmer months, you can take your child outside and let him/her tire him/herself out by playing & running around.

But when it's so cold outside, what do you do? They get bored if they are cooped up inside the house. One thing that Olivia likes to do is finger paint, or should I say 'arm' paint....hehe.

I bought these non-toxic finger paints from Crayola, squirt on the pallette and let her imagination run wild.

Olivia likes to smear the paints around the paper and also on both her arms.

It is a good activity for toddlers because they feel the texture of the paint and encourage sensory development.

Of course, after that I just throw her into the bath as these are washable paint. :)


Ann said...

hahaha....thank God for warm water!

I heard it is still snowing even in March! hope the weather clears up soon.

andrewjune said...

good idea!
perhaps you try getting those plastic bibs with long sleeves too...dont hv to put her to bath then if not too messy! hahaha...