Friday, April 10, 2009

Only at daycare....

Last week, Olivia came home from daycare and she didn't like what I was doing to her and blurted out "Never ever...... while shaking her finger at me.

Then later when she was watching a cartoon, Wonder Pets (where 3 pets are superheroes and they save other animals), and they were saving a skunk, she said "Pheewwww", while holding her nose.

I had to laugh because it was so funny. She must learnt these at daycare as we never say those words in front of her or taught it to her.

These days, she also say 'thank you' if you give her something. 'No, thank you' if she does not want it. Give her a kiss, she'll say 'thank you'. Give her a cracker, she'll say 'thank you'. She'll say 'thank you' if you say thank you to her as she does not know how to say 'you're welcome' yet.

It demonstrates the power of influence; how the people in a child's life help shaped his/her future, how a child is easily influenced by what is happening in his/her environment.


Beachlover said...

Oh yes,,Olivia learn fast especially she attend school now..I was suprised at Mishu after she attended school..I wonder where she learn all the words..Everyday she suprised us with new things..Noggin is a very powerful ed learning channel..Mishu loves "Ni Hau Kai Lian",Little Bear,Blue Clues and etc..sometimes parents don't encourage tV for their kids but if learning something good,why not,right?

Cat Cat said...

Yep HI, a good day care can be a very good place for little kids to learn stuff. Glad you have found one.

Ann said...

Good for Olivia!!! Hopefully positive learning will continue!

Just went to see a nursery and realised the behaviour of the other kids are an important thing to consider as well!

HI said...

beachlover - Olivia likes Ni Hao Kai Lan too but the timing of the show is not good. She does not get to watch most of the time.

cat - it's a really good daycare but expensive thru the nose.

ann - yup, peer pressure exists even in the littlest kid. Olivia like to copy anything her cousin does, who is 5 years old.