Sunday, May 31, 2009

Flowers are blooming....

birds are singing. I was supposed to post this a month ago, when the tulips are blooming in my front yard but......

Anyway, it's still not too late, it's still officially Spring. Tulips are perennials, so they come up every year.

I like these purple guys. They did not come up last year but this year, they popped up. I'm not sure what they are called.


Susan and Richard said...

Agnes would love your flowers, so do I.

Agnes said...

I love the tulips. anymore flowers in your front yard?

susan, you are right! Will post some local flowers in my blog too. They are from my brother front yard, planted by my mum.

Ann said...

You are so blessed that you have flowers growing in your yard that you can guess!

We have to get ours from the nursery and we know their scientific names as well! :)

andrewjune said...

aikkk, i thought it's already summer???

Shue said...


been reading your blog for quite sometimes now. You have a very cute & lovely daughter. Anyway, I put up link to your blog at mine. Hope it's ok.


HI said...

agnes - now I have the summer flowers.

ann - is it really? :)

june - summer is officially here on June 23.

shue - thanks for dropping by. Of course is it ok to link my blog. I will be dropping by your blog soon.