Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fun Memorial Day Weekend

I’m a little late in posting this but we took Olivia to a host of activities during the 3 day weekend that I would like to share here.

On Saturday, we took her to a carnival about 30 minutes away from home. During spring, there are carnivals everywhere with rides, food and games. Olivia is a little daredevil; she loves rides that are fast. First she went on the carousel, the helicopter ride, then the race car ride and the mini roller coaster with daddy.

The rides she loves most are the race car (which she went on 3 times) and mini roller coaster. I thought she would be scared on the roller coaster but nooo…..she was screaming with joy.

Daddy also managed to win her this pink bear, which is almost as big as her, after spending $12 trying to dunk a basketball.

Sunday, we stayed at home but daddy took her swimming while mommy got some down time for herself.

On Monday, we left early to go to White Post Farm. It’s a petting zoo and just for this weekend, there were bouncy castles and Dora & Diego were there! Olivia had fun feeding the goats, deers & cows.

Then she went on to jump on the bouncy castle and go down the giant slide. You would be amazed that she needed no help in going up the steps and sliding down. Look at how high the steps/slide is (on the right), she went up by herself.

Then, off we went to stand in line to take photos with Dora & Diego. As usual, she is not afraid; she hugged and shook hands with Diego & Dora.

It had been a fun weekend and we were glad that Olivia had a blast.


andrewjune said...

oh my! so lovin' the photo of gorgeous olivia with the pink teddy!!!

looks like she REALLY had fun during the long weekend! lucky girl!

Big Pumpkin said...

Sounds like a real blast! Wish we could have been there!

Beachlover's Kitchen said...

wish I know Dora and Diego was here soon...Mishu love both of them..Olivia is so daring,,she is a very brave gal!!

Ann said...

Ooohhh....what fun! Love to see kids enjoy experiences! And the Care Bear is really as big as she is!

andrewjune said...

david cup is a local tournament anticipated by penangnites :-)