Friday, August 14, 2009

My rice cooker....

died on me last week. I was in the midst of cooking rice and it suddenly stopped working. Luckily the rice was cooked.

I've had it for almost 8 years. Hubby bought it got just before I moved to the US. He knew I eat rice almost everyday and anticipated that we will be eating rice quite frequently.

So, I began researching for a new rice cooker and found that these days, the rice cooker is so 'canggih' (sophisticated). Complete with fuzzy logic and multiple modes to cook brown rice, porridge, sushi rice etc. Some even come with induction heat. The shape of the rice cookers are very futuristic and they are quite expensive as well, USD100 and more!

Looks like I haven't kept up with time. The rice cooker that died on me look like this. Very basic and came with a vegetable steamer.

I remembered that my parents' old rice cooker lasted for almost 20 years before it died. So, which brand is better and last longer?


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My Asian Kitchen said...

wow!! your old rice cooker still look I like metal stainless steel color can match with other kitchen stuffs..I have mine for 10 years still working and wonder when mine is going kaput coz I saw the canggih one at asian market last week..Mine is "chapalang" China brand..I think Panasonic and ZOJIRUSHI is the best brand..

HI said...

lesley - sometimes 'chapalang' brand last longer...hehe.

Ann said...

I think our parents rice cooker never died on them!!! :)

but I love the new canggih rice cookers. THe one I have now can even bake a cake, make stew, steam, fast cook etc.

Enjoy your new appliance!

sydneyfoodie said...

I have my chapalang one for 14 years now and still going. My parents bought one of those futuristic ones and it died on them after a couple of years so they bought a chapalang one to replace it.

I my opinion, unless you are going to use all the features don't buy it. Just buy and chapalang one.

Samantha said...

i love the new rice cooker "canggih".The shape of this rice cooker is quite different to others.


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TripleJin said...

heh..stumbled on ur blog. i have so many chapalang ones.... in my pantry, my kitchen cabinets... wondering if I shud throw them or keep them for steamboat! LOL...

The one I have now is one of those fuzzy logic ones, by Philips. I found it great coz I set a timer as to when I want my rice to be cooked. Helps when I've picked up my boys and rushing to cook dinner! ;) Hope that helps.


Miss Murasaki said...

I find that the older ones still last the longest and still work the best. My family and I just got a new rice cooker after our old one died, and I absolutely hate it. I've actually resorted to the old, old fashioned stove top way!