Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sesame Place - Part IV (Final)

The next day was going home day but we visited Sesame Place one last time before our journey home. Since Olivia slept quite well the night before, I thought perhaps she would be in a better mood to go on the rides.

Well, I was wrong. The only ride she went on was the one below where the fishes fly in a circle.

In fact, we almost did not make it because half way through the wait, she wanted to leave the line but I knew she would enjoy it, so I kept her in line. She loved it. She love flying in the air and was laughing the whole ride.

After that, it was No No No to any rides or water attraction. So, we decided to just have lunch, then embarked on our journey home.

We had thought that Olivia would enjoy Sesame Place more but we did not regret making the trip. We chalked it up to the extreme heat because who would want to wait in line for 1/2 hour in the hot sun, especially an impatient 2 yr old toddler? We used to take her to carnivals in the spring and she would go on EVERY ride!

She seemed to remember the trip, even to today and she was very excited and happy when talking about it. With kids, you'll never know what they will like or dislike.


Ann said...

I think she will forget the bad bits and only remember the good bits at the end of it all!!! :)

I think I would love it too.....:) Wish we had stuff like that in Msia!!!

andrewjune said...

i thk she will remember this trip FOREVER!
lucky girl get to go sesame place at this age!

show her some photos when she grew up...i thk she will certainly remembers this trip!

Susan and Richard said...

She would have plenty to discover in years to come, this is just a beginning.