Friday, September 4, 2009

1st day of Nursery

Olivia started Nursery school on Sept 1. It was bitter sweet for me watching her walked down the corridor with her backpack that is almost as big as her.

After sending her there, I came home and felt like curling up and hide under the covers. I was sad. Sad that time is passing by so quickly. Afraid that my time with her is limited, only 15 more years before she goes away to college.......*sob* *sob*


andrewjune said...

first of all, the bag sure looks too big for her...and it does looks heavy...but i'm sure it's just the look of it, rite? hehehe...
well, i know i will feel the same thing like you as well when rachael goes to nursery...they grew so fast in a blink!

so we must enjoy their time as toddlers to the max!

Susan and Richard said...

I only wish, if I have the chance to experience the same.

Ann said...

Oh...what a big bag indeed !!!
And cheerio for Olivia who didn't cry and could walk down the hall on her own! You got a girl of character there, HI. for mummy.....girls will always come back to mummy even when they are married and pregnant.

But I know how it feels. Cherish each hug and kiss now and grow in strength.

Oliveoylz said...

15 years is a long long time from now...she will always be mummy's girl even when she's 50, ok? Hey, the bag sure looks big and kinda heavy! So many things to pack to nursery?

HI said...

June & Ann - yeah, it looks heavy only but it's not. Olivia is a very strong little girl, she can carry very heavy bags.

Susan - I hope that you will someday.

Olive - I hope so. Not many things la...her lunch bag is there as well, that's why it looks big.