Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My First “Homework” Assignment and I Failed…somewhat

Olivia started nursery school on September 1 and last week, we met with her teachers during orientation. Basically, she explained what their activities are during the day and they will be learning 1 alphabet each week.

This week is the A and Olivia has to bring in an object that starts with A to show her class. She also has to cut out a few magazine pictures that start with A for the class collage.

So, what starts with A – apple (boring), alligator (can’t bring that to school), asparagus (nah), armadillo (not available), avocado (perishable), acorn (YES!!)

There are acorn trees in our neighborhood and Olivia and I went for a walk to collect some acorns. Now, the magazine pictures are another story. Mua here does not subscribe to any magazines except for cooking magazine and I’m not about to cut up my precious cooking magazine.

Of course, I also could not find any pictures of alligator or armadillo in a cooking magazine. At 11pm, I had an Ah Ha moment, I look at the supermarket flyers that come every week and manage to cut up some pictures of apples, avocado and asparagus. No alligator (I know, I’m focused on alligator)….but at least it’s something rather than nothing.

Now, B would be easier, I have already identified which pictures to cut…hahaha.


Oliveoylz said...

Looks like you are having as much as fun as Olivia! ha ha. Wait till you come to the letter Z!

Ann said...

LOL.....that was a creative idea...the supermarket flyers !!!

Cannot google, print and cut??

HI said...

Olive - opps...I won't worry about that yet...hehe.

Ann - I have thought of that but then it will be in black and white. I suppose that will be fine.

Miss Murasaki said...

Good job, mom! :)

andrewjune said...

a-ha! such a creative mummy!