Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Like Clockwork

Olivia would go to sleep on her new bed and like clockwork, would cry around midnight or 1am. She would continue crying until one of us go to her room. I would let her cry a bit to see if she would give up and go back to sleep but noooo…..her cries would just get louder and louder. I was afraid she would wake up the neighbors.

So, during the first week, I would go to her room, lie down with her and ended up sleeping on her bed. It has been 2 weeks now and sometimes hubby would go and also ended up sleeping on her bed. Luckily, it’s a comfortable bed as we bought a pretty good mattress.

We knew the transition would take a while since she has been sleeping with us for a few months.
I’m looking for a night light for her room, not sure if it would help, since she is so used to sleeping with somebody.

Again, I’m sure this is another phase in Olivia’s childhood that we would one day look back on and think fondly of, wishing that we could somehow recapture the emotion and hold on to her childhood.


andrewjune said...

i guess she is not used to the transition yet...i do thk a night light might actually helps?
gv her some time and she will get used to it...very soon!

Ann said...

Yes, I am sure this is just a phase. Maybe give her a bolster that represents her favourtie character or represetns you/daddy....

I find that my son is the same sometimes and wants a body beside him....and I managed to substitute it with a bolster some nights!

Glad you/hubby still manage some sleep!

Grace said...

Good luck, I am still sleeping with my one of my kids but they are at the stage now where I can reason with them. In Asia, it is commonplace that the kids share the room with us but not here so I want them to move to their rooms. It's also hard on me... :(

Big Pumpkin said...

Haha, good luck. Tee is 5 and she still sleeps with us. We've given up. Her lungs have stamina, could go on for 3 hours and since we live in an apmt, we gave up ages ago.