Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Which is funnier?

In recent years, the number of children who are obese are increasing in an alarming manner. The school districts on Long Island have been trying to look for ways to get the students to eat healthier.

One of the ways is to ban students from bringing home bake goodies like cupcakes and cookies to school. It is a tradition among school children here to bring in cupcakes to school on their birthdays and share with their classmates.

Now, the funny part….I read in the newspaper a few days ago that one such school district is banning the cupcakes but is allowing pre-packaged snacks. Pre-packaged snacks!! Are they out of their minds?? Those snacks are loaded with SUGAR (main cause of obesity) and preservatives. At least, in home bake goods, we can control what we put into them.

Then, in the same report, one mother was lamenting “Oh, the kids are growing up too fast and we can’t even give them homemade cookies”. I was thinking; give your kids homemade cookies at home, lady.

So, which is funnier – school districts allowing pre-packaged snacks which are high in sugar and salt content or the mother complaining she can’t send in homemade cookies in her kids’ lunchbox?

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely agree obesity is a problem in the US and people should eat healthier and drink WATER instead of soda. But, I don’t think banning homemade cupcakes or cookies is the solution. Getting kids to eat healthier should start at home; teach them to make better choices in food. Of course, kids will be kids and they like sweets but there are good sweets and bad sweets.

I don’t give Olivia candy or cookies. She only drinks water and diluted orange juice on the weekends during breakfast. You’d be surprise that she eats brown rice, broccoli and whole wheat bread. I know, I’m a mean mommy……bwahaha……


Grace said...

Yes, I found that totally strange, but the school tells me that it is due to the allergy issues the kids have. They want it to be certified to be from a "peanut-free" kitchen!

Big Pumpkin said...

I totally agree. I trained Tee early too to eat her vegetables and wholemeal bread and brown rice. But she still loves her cupcakes, so in moderation, I say. She only gets those sweet treats on the weekends now. 1 portion.

MommyP said...

Stephen eats all that good stuff too (he will down green beans and mushrooms like nobody's business!), but he gets stuff like cookies too. Moderation is the key!

andrewjune said...

i dont thk you're a mean mummy, i thk you're the doing a great job there instead!
i'm always the one trying to refrain rachael fr eating/being introduced to sweet stuffs...but hubby always gv in!

i dont agree of the allowing of pre-package snacks (make no sense!)

olivia will grow up to be very healthy :-)

thumbs up to mummy!

Ann said...

Yeah...I don't think you are mean either. Give them heavy tasting food and out goes the nutricious porridge.

But Christopher's grandparents spoil him. So, he has eaten lollipop, marshmallows, choc chip cookies, ice cream etc.

Who's the bad mummy now? :)