Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Olivia is 3!

Olivia turned 3 two days ago. We had a party for her on Sunday at the same place as last year. This year, I noticed that all the kids were able to follow the coach’s instructions going from one activity to another.

First it was warming up – shaking legs, trying to smell their toes, being funny….

Then it was off to kangaroo jump on a long trampoline like equipment, roll into a pit, then up and down the slide.

Olivia loves jumping and she was the only kid who got pretty good height on the trampoline. Next is another type of trampoline where the trampoline material is a little softer. Again she enjoyed herself very much. The pictures say it all.

The last activity was the rock wall. Surprisingly, she was a little scared on this one. We have a little rock wall on the swing set and she climbs up without help but I guess this wall is bigger and steeper.

Olivia’s birthday treat from the coach is flying through the air. Initially she won’t let go of the coach’s hand but then she was fine. She went a little higher but she doesn’t want to swing for long, I think she was still a little frightened.

Off to the party room for pizza, juice and cake.

I can see the difference between last year and this year. Last year, all Olivia wanted to do was jump and run around, ignoring anything the coach said. This year, she followed everything that the coach said and was responsive as well. I also know she enjoyed herself very much.

Her actual birthday fell on a Monday and hubby went into her classroom to celebrate with her and her classmates. He brought cupcakes, took a book to read to the class and spent about ½ hour there.

My baby is growing up!


Bee Ean said...

wow, I still remember the day you announced your pregnancy, and it has been 3 years 8 months already?

Susan and Richard said...

Happy Birthday, Olivia.

andrewjune said...

sorry for the belated wishes HI...but it's better late than never!

HAPPY belated 3rd BIRTHDAY to pretty gorgeous olivia :-)

yes, she looks so happy! wow, the rock climbing activities looks fun!

nice cake & cupcake :-) truly blessed girl!

Ann said...

Happy Brithday to Olivia!

She does look like she enjoyed all the activities alot! Enjoy each day with her...

And so nice of hubby to celebrate with her and the class on the actual day!

Beachlover said...

Happy Belated Olivia!! time fly so fast..